Through the Open Door

Michael Milton

Through the Open Door

Music for Missions is proud to be distributing Michael Milton's new album, Through the Open Door.  Now with three albums under his belt, Milton has taken his song writing and vocal performance to a new level.  Through the Open Door continues in the style of Milton's previous works as an album which blends folk, bluegrass, rock, and gospel music.  Milton uses images of American life to tie the heart of man to spiritual realities such as the sovereignty of God, our sin and it's ramifications, our redemption in Christ, and the hope of eternity with God.

Michael Card appears on lead and backing vocals on the song "God is Calling Faithful Men," a song Milton wrote about the high calling of serving Christ as an undershepherd over the flock of God.

As a Music for Missions project, 2/3 of the profit from the sale of this album will be donated to the ministry of the artist's choice.  Michael Milton has chosen to direct this portion of the proceeds from Through the Open Door to Reformed Theological Seminary for the education of pastors and missionaries.

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