We need your help.  Music for Missions is a For-Profit record label that donates 2/3 of its CD profit to world missions.  That means that we do not accept donations.  Our ability to donate to the causes we care about is based on the sale of our music.  Please help us sell our music in one or two of the following ways.

1. Word of Mouth - If some of our music really strikes a chord with you, and you are passionate about it, tell everyone you know!  There is no better way for us to get the word out than for you to tell your friends.

2. Host a concert - Most of our CD sales occur at our concerts.  Once people see our artists in a live setting, they usually respond by supporting us.  If you have the ability to host a concert at your church, parachurch ministry, performance hall or back yard, please fill out our Booking Form.  We'll see if we are going to be in your area.

3. Online Promotions - Send TunePaks to your friends and post widgets on your personal website or Facebook page.  All of our artists have pages at  You can send bundles of our songs to your friends and copy the HTML code for the widgets that drive people to our site.

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4. Distribute - Become a distributor of our music by selling our music at your church, store, or other place of business.  We will sell our discs to you at a wholesale price and you can resell our music and even make a little gas money for yourself.  Wholesale pricing starts around orders of 20, but we will consider any reasonable offer. Email us at

Thanks for your help. 



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