Follow Your Call

Follow Your Call

Michael Milton's second studio album, Follow Your Call offers refreshingly personal, soul-searching honesty and beautiful spiritual uplift for these uncertain times. On his latest heartfelt CD, Michael Milton inspires listeners everywhere to Follow Your Call and find the peace that lies even in the midst of life’s most difficult challenges and trials.  More than simply a compelling follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2005 debut He Shall Restore, the renowned pastor, author and singer/songwriter, who in 2007 responded to his own call to become president at RTS/Charlotte sees his new recording as a musical extension of his lifelong ministry whose impact reaches beyond his fellow Christians.

Based on Milton’s popularity performing original songs music after his sermons at churches and gatherings throughout the South, legendary Christian pop singer/songwriter Michael Card (“El Shaddai”) has called Milton “a shepherd leading his flock with song.” Drawing upon his love of folk, bluegrass and the classic 70’s California country-pop sound, the multi-talented composer and performer offers hope, healing and joy in a way that people of any spiritual tradition (or even those without one) will find compelling. More than simply a “Christian recording artist,” Milton is an inspirational musical force that transcends all musical and religious boundaries.

Many of the themes on his debut recording and Follow The Call are also reflected in the extensive library of 11 books he has published, which include Authentic Christianity and the Life of Freedom, Leaving a Career To Follow A Call: A Vocational Guide to the Ordained Ministry and 2007 autobiography What God Starts, God Completes, whose sentiments are echoed on the catchy and thought provoking new track “What God Starts.” He has also written numerous popular and academic articles and published sermons in such periodicals and online sites as Crosswalk,, Preaching Magazine, The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, The Christian Observer and World Magazine. He has also been featured on national radio and television programs such as Truths that Transform, The Coral Ridge Hour and Moody Radio’s Money Matters.

“While every song I write and sing comes from living out of my own particular journey, I trust that some of the sentiments have a universal appeal that will draw people into the song and the life of faith in Jesus Christ that lies in, with and under each song,” says Milton, who first got “the call” to the ministry when he was a businessman in Kansas; after completing his degrees, he returned to Overland Park to build Redeemer Presbyterian church.

Key songs on Follow Your Call that come from what Milton calls “an overflow of my own experience of God’s wonder and grace” are the gentle and lilting “Pastor’s Wife,” a tribute to his wife Mae and the unique strength she offers him from behind the scenes; “Genealogy,” which weaves together thoughts on the deep importance of “home” and “adoption” with the home and family in the family of God; and the dynamic, bluegrass flavored “Cattle On A Thousand Hills,” which draws a metaphor from Psalm 50. The buoyant, anthemic “Christ Is Risen” incorporates some world music flavors to represent the global mission of sharing the gospel message. In all of these songs Milton gently and soothingly invites listeners into a journey with the possibility to “follow your [own] call.”

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