Under Green Canopies

"Unique and beautiful...It sounds like early Paul Simon stuff. Super-melodic, weird in the best way possible. So yeah, as if buying a good album wasn't reason enough, do it to support the missions. I look forward to listening to Chris's music more. Oh, and Ben plays the fastest accordion lick on earth. And then he went back and harmonized it. Like I said, weird and beautiful in the best way possible. I dig it." -Andrew Peterson, singer-songwriter, author

"Chris Slaten, for the love of Pete. I first heard this music driving in my car. I was listening to imagine what kinds of things I might play on Chris's songs. Thank goodness I was alone where I could laugh out loud, gasp, slap my knee, yell at the radio. Song after song captured my imagination; made me want to run home and play my guts out quick before the moment passed. Chris must be eccentric deep down. He MUST be full of life. His songs are places where I smell the sea, see the dense leaves overhead, hear the winter wind blowing. I've told Chris he's a mad scientist. His lab partners might be Elliott Smith, Paul Simon, The Books. His lab partners are going to get an A. Listen to this music. You really should. And close your eyes, maybe, unless you're driving. Oh, and I've never played any instrument faster than I played the accordion on "Reasoning." Never will again. I crack up everytime I hear it." - Ben Shive, singer-songwriter

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